DMAE Bitartrate and the Brain

You may have noticed an ingredient by the name of DMAE Bitartrate in many of the supplements you use.

Have you ever wondered what it is? How does it work?

Well, an essential purpose of this ‘compound’ is to boost your cognitive function and improve your overall mood.

Let's dig deep into the numerous benefits of this compound for your brain.

Benefits Of DMAE Bitartrate On The Brain

DMAE Bitartrate is a compound naturally produced in the human body.

Supplements, such as Neuro Nexus, help maintain its levels in your body and provide an extra boost to your brain in the following ways:

·        Supports Memory

DMAE Bitartrate provides the solution to a very common issue: age-related memory loss.

According to research, DMAE raises acetylcholine levels a "neurotransmitter" that aids nerve cells in transmitting signals.  Acetylcholine also plays a key role in carrying out various brain functions, like memory and learning.

Moreover, DMAE Bitartrate stops beta-amyloid from building up inside the brain – proteins that have been linked to memory loss.

·        Treats Depression

Along with aiding a stronger memory, DMAE Bitartrate also improves the mood while reducing anxiety and irritability.

A study done on people with aging-related cognitive decline showed DMAE Bitrate boosts motivation and helps one take initiative.

·        Enhances Focus

Studies have proved DMAE Bitartrate positively influences the performance of people with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Even people generally finding it difficult to focus on their tasks can benefit from a DMAE Bitartrate supplement.


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